Link is the main protagonist in the Legend of Zelda franchise who goes on adventures to stop the main antagonist Ganondorf and what you could say is the secondary antagonist Vaati. He also encounters a Demon King by the name of Malladus, and an imp called Skull Kid. Link will usually venture throughout the land in search for the blade of evil's bane, the Master Sword, which he will use to defeat Ganon.


Link is a brave and very quiet character in the Legend of Zelda franchise. He does not say anything and usually has a fairy that talks for him. Link is, from my experiences from the games, a very easily influenced person. Usually told what to do by Princess Zelda, his personal translator (his fairy guide), and the gods.


Zelda Games

Link first debuted in his first game The Legend of Zelda. This game was first released in Japan on February 21, 1986 on the Famicon Disk System. Link is at the age of a young man and tries to save Princess Zelda from Ganon, the evil wizard that has stolen the Triforce of Power.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1987), Link goes on an adventure to collect six crystals to place in the six palaces in Hyrule. After collecting and placing these six crystals you venture into the protected Great Palace to defeat Shadow Link. After defeating Shadow Link you will obtain the Triforce of Courage to awaken the sleeping Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991), a different reincarnation of Link must defeat an evil wizard by the name of Agahnim before he unleashes Ganon's power upon all of Hyrule. To stop Agahnim, Link must collect the three Pendants of Virtue, the Pendant of Courage, the Pendant of Power, and the Pendant of Wisdom. These three magical items let Link unlock the power to obtain the Master Sword and defeat Agahnim.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening